Frozen Destinies

The Ogre King's Barrow
The adventure begins.

On a bright and sunny morning the town of Loudwater was shocked awake by an explosion at the southern wall. A band of goblins has blown a hole in the wall and rushed in slaughtering innocent townsfolk.

The goblins were beat back by three rather unusual strangers to town. The first was a creature that was half man and half bull! Some have said that he was working at the docks briefly before this day. Nobody in town missed his angry roar as he charged in and smashed goblins with his bare hands!

The second of this unlikely trio was one of the demon creatures that have recently appeared from returned Abeir! This hellion raised her hand to the sky and called forth lightning to smite these pests before starting a dance of death with her blade, destroying any goblins that got in her way.

The third of the heroes is the biggest mystery of all. Few agree on what lies beneath the red hooded cloak, however all saw the bolts of energy that struck down one goblin after the next in a chain of carnage that surely taught these creatures to stay out of our fair town!

Rumor has it that the goblins were after an item recently acquired by our resident dwarf and shopkeeper, Garwan. Though he declines to give any further detail about what the goblins were after, the Lady Moonfire assures us that these same heroes were sent to deal with the problem and that peace has been secured for Loudwater.


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