Minotar Barbarian Lost in a new world with little memory of his past


Foostus has little memory of his past. He has vague flashes of a childhood spent among his own kind, fighting as a soldier in a battle, and kneeling before an awe inspiring person. His earliest complete memory is waking on a sandy beach, apparently having been washed ashore.

He was found there by River-master Sarl from Loudwater, who was in Baldur’s Gate studying the dock system used there. Sarl was impressed by Foostus’s manner as well as his size and offered him a job on the Loudwater docks. When Foostus objected, stating that he needed to find out where he came from, Sarl suggested that the local wizard, Curuvar, might be of some help.

Curuvar cast a divination spell in an attempt to determine Foostus’s past. The spell revealed only that Foostus had an important destiny, and that he must stay in the Grey Vale. “You will know when the time is right to leave,” was all Curuvar would say to the question of how long.

Core motivation: Foostus longs to learn of his past. He is deeply loyal to those whom he calls friend, but quick remind of all he’s done for them when needed to steer the group towards his goal.
Foostus is impressed with the strength shown by Nomine in dealing with her past slavery as well as her demonic nature. He is protective of Auna, seeing her as a frail child, who would easily be hurt.
Foostus honors Oghma, being the god of knowledge, and prays daily for a clue to guide him on the path to his destiny.


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