Frozen Destinies

Spiders, and Goblins, and Bridges, Oh My!

After a battle in a fantastic cavern, (smokey cavern featuring platforms that had to be jumped accross to reach the bulk of the bad guys, and a strange magical/wind affect that rendered the smoke able to support weight at times, and not at others) THey came into a cavern with 8 exits. They could hear goblins running down all but 2 of them (a goblin escaped the cavern battle and ran to sound alarms to rouse the rest); the one leading from that cavern where they just came from, and another that they had not explored yet. I made it clear that there were way more than the party could fight in this 8 way junction, and they could go back to the cavern with the smoke to make a stand, or head down the new tunnel.

Making a dungeoneering check, they decided that the new tunnel headed towards the exit, and to try and outrun the goblins. Thus insued a skill challenge as the party ran down the tunnel, using fey tangles to teleport farther down the tunnel, and avoiding other obsticles that would have slowed them down.

In the end, they managed to stay just ahead of the goblins as they entered a cavern split by an underground river far below, and crossed with a rope bridge. Here they had to stop, however, for from the tunnel before them, could be heard the clicks of hundreds of spiders running towards them. After a brief tactical summit, they decided to douse the light and lay down on the bridge, hoping that their enemies would not see them.

Unfortunatly, the goblins did see them and shouted an attack. The party stood and faced both spiders and goblins. Imagine their surprise when the spiders split into three groups and 2 of those ran across the walls to engage the goblins! The goblins were surprised as well, since they expected the spiders to be kept at bay by the giant spider that they gave sacrifises too. I guess when a party of adventurers kill said spider…. So thanks to this “unexpected” clash of their enemies, they managed t ofight their way clear of the cavern and escape the dungeon.



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